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Right now, it has been capable to radio the search radar, laser radar, combine to form the combat systems. For example, when the radio aerial radar target (enemy aircraft or missiles), you can target height, position and velocity accurately measured. As extended as the target into a particular variety, the laser radar will open, emitting a bunch of really fine laser beam, firmly fixed and accurate measurement of the target’s place, then launch laser missiles, will be provided based on LIDAR laser beam guide and accurately hit the target, destroy them.  green laser pointer  is utilized in routine and education. These lasers can be effortlessly deployed missiles on trucks, can also be converted into anti-tank missiles.

Existing analysis into anti-tank missile laser, either launched from the ground can also be fired from a helicopter. Missile is equipped with a semiconductor laser, plays the function of automatic target tracking, so that the missile hit the tank can crack shot. It is simple to create red  green laser pointer . Even though the high accuracy of laser radar, little, wise operation, straightforward to transfer, but it also has shortcomings, is vulnerable to weather circumstances, are not appropriate for a wide range of search targets. As a result, it is generally employed in conjunction with radar, radio, complement each and every other.

The so-known as laser guns and laser guns laser guns and laser guns are all tactical laser weapons. They looks like a gun and artillery, but they are not firing bullets and shells, but the laser beam, so that the enemy casualties or blindness. The energy of the size of these guns, with their energy and shooting distance. Red  green laser pointer  is with mature technology. Now laser guns and laser guns effective variety is also not far from the energy die so restricted.

However, the prospect of death ray weapon is immeasurable. When the laser beam energy to enhance the successful distance increases, it will be a really dead. For instance, using laser guns to fight 10,000 m altitude in the aircraft, the forward speed of the laser beam is 30 million meters per second, so only 1 / 30000 seconds will be capable to hit the aircraft.  green laser pointer  can enlarge the characters in text. In this short moment, the aircraft in the air just sufficient to move forward a couple of centimeters. As a result, for the dead, the activity of the target aircraft really grow to be death, certain death. Even so, even if the missile fired at thousands of kilometers away, die off also just spent hundreds of a second, and in this moment, the missiles can only move forward flying tens of meters. Therefore, the die will have adequate time to destroy missiles in outer space.

In addition, the laser can constantly alter direction, align every single target, one by a single destroyed, but from an economic point of view, generating the laser gun is a lot cheaper than the manufacture of intercontinental ballistic missiles.
With the fast improvement of photonics technology, laser engraving technologies applications turn into wider, greater and higher precision carving.
Can you pick a  green laser pointer ? Influence the laser engraving of 4 basic elements: engraving speed, laser energy, engraving precision materials. Certain components in order to accomplish a particular carving effect, would demand the laser energy absorbed some of this power should be seen as a material to absorb the laser power laser energy / engraving speed.

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