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The new 1.6T models primarily based on the pursuit of higher 1.6T manual models will be upgraded in the entry-level configuration on the basis of pre-sale price tag of 190,000 considering that. Three concept car: the Chevrolet Miray idea sports vehicle, and “Gemini” Code130R, Tru140S Chevrolet solution creation totally understand the wants of the new generation of consumer groups, complete of forward-seeking.

 At the Buick stand, whether or not it is representative of Buick’s future improvement trend of SUV EnvisionSUV concept auto, or “Monarch” and other ideal-selling models shine. The most eye-catching, was undoubtedly the dynamic of the Regal GS and Hideo XT automobiles. Both automobiles by the Queen’s converted brand German Irmscher surgeon, modified focus is to boost the vehicle’s overall performance possible. Viewers can also see the adjustments produced in look: the rim of the tires of two automobiles, the braking method, sports seats, interior and exterior trim are all expert customization, and complete of personality.

 There was a film, swept the globe in the 1980s simply because of a vehicle, this auto is a lot more potent than the 007 horse, because the automobile driving the dialogue – the film is the 1982 American science fiction film “Thunderbolt Rider “film of this auto hi-tech automotive the Kitt industry is code-named K · I · T · T’s 2000.

 Speaking of “Kitt” was just a science fiction dream, a gorgeous and distant, a blink of an eye from the film era is over 30 years, – how far away from this dream

 In late 2011, a iPhone4S is to turn into a single of the most significant highlight of the 2011 History of Science and Technologies, a launch instant swept the world, and voice interactive technique SIRI will undoubtedly grow to be the most prominent vibrant spot of iPhone4S. The SIRI qualities is able to communicate with men and women that can assist users to comprehensive some of the demands of everyday life. Effectively, if it utilized in automobiles, what will be a picture of it

 Answer to the 12th Beijing International Auto Show in 2012 automobile audio network booth –

 Car audio and Network Technology Co., Ltd.Primary products: car DVD player with very good high quality. of Shenzhen City as a high-tech Chinese speech recognition technology study and development business, soon after 10 years devoted to speech recognition technology R &amp D and innovation, construct a vehicle audio based on the mobile World wide web atmosphere network voice cloud platform. Launched a vehicle intelligent driver assistance systems – the intellectual driving Wizard manage traffic in the process of language and obtain calls, set the navigation, language handle language manage of bus services and road rescue, as well as by way of a voice for the majority of owners. access to customized information solutions whilst continually upgrading the “sound of the voice cloud platform is far more enterprise users to provide their personal set of customization of enterprise-class voice management platform.

 This auto show, auto audio, has introduced a new organic language navigation applications, and allows users to experience voice technology brings the intelligence solutions. And conventional navigation application, vehicle audio language control navigation of the network and what the qualities of car owners, and what good is it


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