Singing the Praises of AIDA

When you hear the word Aida, what do you think of? If your thoughts instantly turn to the well-known opera, you happen to be nicely cultured, but probably lacking in the staples of direct advertising.

Nonetheless, if you know that AIDA is truly an acronym for the certain-fire formula each successful direct marketer uses when he writes his copy, then you are an achieved entrepreneur.

So what exactly does AIDA stand for? Interest. Interest. Want. Action.

And how do you place this to use in your copy. In fact, it is far less difficult than you may possibly envision. And you could even be carrying out this currently.

Just before I inform you how each of these components blend collectively to make a potent marketing piece, why don’t you get your latest postcard mailing out. In this way you can evaluation it to see how close you’ve come to following this formula.

Initial, any direct-mail campaign worth its salt right away generates interest. And by right away, I mean within 30 to 45 seconds of a person searching at your ad. If you have not done this in that extremely short period of time, you’ve lost the sale.

So the quickest way to create interest is via a headline. Some of the very best headlines in fact ask concerns, “What would you do with an further $ 30,000?” Now that generates an interest.

Or you can use a “Who else wants to pocket a rapid $ 50,000 in the subsequent 48 hours?”

The headline is the most crucial element of any direct marketing campaign. I know that it is been said so typically that it sounds trite. But it really is said so typically since it really is so very accurate. Permit your self time to develop a headline that generates the focus of your audience. It’ll be properly worth your time and work.

But as soon as you have your reader’s attention, you need to hold their “Interest.” That is the I in AIDA. And you do this through persuasive copy and eye catching sub heads. If you happen to be unsure about the words you must use, start off by reading your competitors postcards.

What do they say? How do they make you really feel? Like running out and promoting your home? If not, hold reading and looking until you locate the words you like. Then analyze them to uncover why they strike a chord in you.

Enable me to offer a single hint when you happen to be writing your copy. Maintain your paragraphs little. Absolutely nothing turns a reader off quicker than coming face to face with an excruciatingly long set of words all strung collectively.

Now that you have captured your reader’s interest, and gained his interest, you need to have to create a Wish in him to use your service. And how do you do this? By generating enthusiasm and excitement in your copy. By formulating an argument that leads your reader to the unavoidable conclusion that your firm is the only decision for him. Not certain how to do this? Start by producing the reading of direct-mail copy your newest pastime.

As soon as you find out the language and the style of other marketers, you’ll commence forming your own style that works like gangbusters for you.

And ultimately you require to prompt your reader to Action. This means that they require to pick up that telephone to get in touch with you, to ask you concerns, to believe seriously about utilizing your service.

After you’ve performed your AIDA, you will, with no a doubt, get a response from your audience. Bravo!

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