Crazy Bird Singing All Evening Long

Male mockingbirds get so ramped up on hormones for the duration of the breeding season that they frequently sing all day and all night!  Songbirds like mockingbirds sing for two purposes—to attract a mate and to defend their territories.  Typically it is just the unmated males that sing in the middle of the night—males that already have a mate might sing for a couple hours soon after dark and start up once more an hour or so before it gets light.  Considering that singing in birds is associated to ambient light levels, in cities or yards with exterior lights, even mated males may possibly sing by way of the night.  Mockingbirds may nest two or 3 times every year, amongst late January (in the South, a month or two later in the North) and mid-August—so that can be a lot of singing!

Trying to quit a bird from singing is like attempting to cease the wind from blowing–really challenging!  If it works for you, the ideal bet may be to get some good soft foam earplugs to at least allow you to sleep in comfort.  If you do want to declare war on the mockingbirds, you can also attempt visual bird deterrents ( like balloons and diverters hung around the tree or nearby to encourage the bird to move elsewhere. These operate ideal in the course of the day, but if you have outdoor lighting they can operate at evening also.  They frequently have to be moved around each and every day or so, otherwise the birds just get utilised to them and understand they aren’t truly a threat.

If you are tech savvy, you can try recording the singing of the actual mockingbird in your yard, and playing it back to him.  That can eventually drive them away, or at least to the other finish of their territory, which hopefully is a bit farther away from your residence!

In extreme instances, you could want to take into account altering your landscaping.  Make confident you don’t have tall trees with perches for singing near your window.  Mockingbirds nest in thick shrubs and hedges, so if you don’t want the birds nesting in your yard, don’t invite them to nest by supplying a ideal nesting habitat.  Because mockingbirds will feed a lot of insects (which includes garden pests) to their young throughout the nesting season, you may possibly really reconsider evicting them from your yard.  As you get to know your mockingbird neighbors better, you might even find yourself less irritated by their nighttime singing.

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