25 thoughts on “novices Your Personal Voice”

  1. if i could afford it i would most certainly invest in it. but till then.
    hopefully these vids will help. thanks you Mr.Burnley

  2. 31 unique and highly effective vocal exercises that you can download and take with you to continue improving your voice wherever you go.

  3. Those last 3 scales definitely damaged his vocal chords. I’m no expert but
    I’m pretty sure he should’ve switched to a head/falsetto voice for them
    instead of trying to sing with his mid range voice.

  4. I was at school watching this.. and I just couldn’t do the “nay nay nay”
    hahaha I’ll wait till I get home ^_^

  5. Thank you, SMS. This is a great warm up for singing, no matter what you’re
    up to singing, from grind core to jazz.

  6. So im getting the impression that during the drill you flex the swallowing
    muscles that restrict your voice to kinda wear them out, thus easing the
    tension that screws you over. Is that the idea?
    Or perhaps when you ascend the second time “in the mask” and think “down”
    without flexing the muscles you’re doing so in a way that’s challenging,
    making regular singing super easy to sing “down.” I=
    I get the drills, It’d just be cool to know the reasoning behind them

  7. I have a lower tone of voice l think as a girl. Aside this exercise, are
    there are other ways to increase your vocal range ?

  8. i can’t do this exercise without hurting my voice. My larynx rises and I
    squeeze the vocal cords, and if I try not to then I don’t project the

  9. Hi I’m whitney, my voice use to be very high but now it seems like its
    stuck and i can’t hit the notes i use to hit, please help me, I’m trying to
    get ready for American idol auditions, please help me

  10. I’m so happy I find this channel..I have a psychological block that comes
    from my childhood..Since my opinion was ignored by my parents and I was
    standing alone somewhere and constantly thinking and analyzing things I
    ended up saying thoughts and opinions that most people don’t understand.
    Ultimately, now , I have a hard time speaking to people ,sharing my
    thoughts and also I can’t stand my voice.II was told i can’t sing and that
    totally discouraged me . I have to open up my mind to people,but even if i
    speak out , I don’t like how my voice sounds. It sounds fake
    and disharmonious…I want to find my own voice harmony and i’m happy I
    found this channel..You’re a wise teacher..Thank you 

  11. this actually helped me a lot, because like the guy asking for help here, i
    also tend to have a heavier tone when i sing and i think that’s because i
    try to sound like singers i enjoy. this video helped me a lot with helping
    free my voice :)

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