novices Voice Lesson: How To Sing From The Diaphragm (Component 1)

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25 thoughts on “novices Voice Lesson: How To Sing From The Diaphragm (Component 1)”

  1. I’m naturally a slow breather even though I am still very young does it
    affect my singing at all 

  2. and how many times a day I should do these and warm-up practices? and for
    how long? bcuz it’s been a long time since I exercised I have problems with
    breathing. :(

  3. how can I breath from back side and rip cage? they move just a little bit
    but I feel like I’m still breathing from my stomach. it is a little
    different from when I breath from my stomach but I don’t know maybe I feel
    like this. but how can I understand I’m right or wrong?

  4. Thanks bro, By the way you have a really nice voice. Iv’e been having
    trouble with trying to sing from my diaphragm, I mean I think I have a
    pretty good voice and I can hold my notes but I feel like I have to much
    stress on my upper area and in my throat and it hurts a little when I try
    to sing really loud. I knew right there something was wrong, I’m working on
    breathing more from my rib area and It does reduce a lot less stress from
    my throat area. I will keep practicing thanks a bunch! :)

  5. sorry Eric, I find it hard to follow..I am too distracted by your
    charm…:) cheers and thanks for your tutoring.

  6. So when I do that it will change my singing skills or it will improve ? I
    will try what you have shown in the video thanks =)

  7. hi my lung has collapsed twice and now one lung has been glued to its
    mambreen does this have any impact on the breathing exersises?

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