novices Singing Lessons On the web – Singing Lessons And Tips To Improve Right now!

Singing Lessons On-line – Check out my singing lessons online video and learn the easies…

25 thoughts on “novices Singing Lessons On the web – Singing Lessons And Tips To Improve Right now!”

  1. how do i get vibrato:( a lot of people in my chorus class have it and they
    sound really good with it and i cant do it!! tips?(: thank you.

  2. Nice! I never knew about the ‘NG’ technique. It makes total sense, and it’s
    helping me quite a bit with those high notes. Thanks!

  3. Am i the only one who thinks he is a really good singing teacher???? really
    helped me thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I am not the best singer but would love it if someone just someone would
    see my videos and show me some support i am not giving up on my dreams and
    i am gaining every singing tip and lesson to become the best i can become
    so that someday I can be performing before thousands of people and to show
    my love to the world through the love of music that I have thank you and it
    would mean the world to me if you liked this comment and if you would check
    my covers out thanks you Araon these videos are great i am saving up to try
    to buy your full 8 week course!
    Thank you if you subscribed to my channel thank you if you checked it out
    and thank you for commenting liking and sharing it! :) THANK YOU SO MUCH

  5. I have to say that I am quite cautious about the results of this method …Listen!In
    aproximattely 1 year and a half I will perform a song to the entire school
    …So,obviously I dont want to mess up!I am not quite good singer(infact
    im not a good singer at all)so I decided that singing lessons would be a
    good idea until I saw this method …Let’s say that If I buy it and
    practise my voice twice a week or three times a week and considering that
    Im an early begginer with no experience at singing before ,will I be able
    on time to perform the song or not?pliz answer :/ IM DESPERATE and pliz I
    want youto be honest! :)

  6. can u do a video on the legato line to follow for : La Me Da Be Ni Po Tou
    La Be Da Me Ni Po Tou La

  7. Thank you so much for posting these courses online! Do you have anything
    posted that could help me with my sound level especially with tougher
    notes? Thanks! You’re a true blessing!

  8. i dont really have money and my parents cant really afford your program but
    i really want to become a better singer, any tips?

  9. The Feringal Resonator or however you spell it, I didn’t even know about it
    and already makes my voice sound a bit better. I just don’t know how to
    control my voice yet. Maybe if I keep watching your videos it’ll help! :)

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