novices Singing Lessons: Element 1- Vocal Warm Up Workout routines

For my complete course on how to grow to be an amazing singer, go here: Description: This four component Singing Lesson video series is a present from …

25 thoughts on “novices Singing Lessons: Element 1- Vocal Warm Up Workout routines”

  1. *Singing Lessons: Part 1- Vocal Warm Up Exercises*
    This four part Singing Lesson video series is a gift from me to all the
    other singers out there who are interested in how to warm up your voice.
    You should do a warm up like this before every voice lesson with your voice
    teacher if you want to achieve maximum notes and hit high notes with

  2. i’ve been singing since i was 6 years old and had 3 great teacher’s.
    classical and contemporary and one gospel teacher who moved to Australia
    from the states, she was amazing, but none of them have opened up my range
    like your vids. cheers for that, ill be buying your sessions.

  3. thank you, Eric… You has helped many candidates talented singer :) we
    always learn to you thank you, Master :)

  4. Watched this three years ago. stopped singing three years later. here
    again. great vid!. you always hear your improvements with these exercises

  5. im the lead singer and bass player with dance routines, how do i breathe
    while doing all these going on at once?

  6. On a side note from my other comment in reply to Sarah, this really did
    help me out. I appreciate this. I was wondering why I sounded a little off
    on singing for the longest.

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