Newcomers How to Release Tension from Your Throat | Singing Lessons

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12 thoughts on “Newcomers How to Release Tension from Your Throat | Singing Lessons”

  1. I usually drink honey with lime/lemon hot drinks or honey with ginger hot
    drinks and it does helps a lot when rotating my head with my jaw open on
    the way down.. Plus please give me and the out there some advice how to
    sing whistle register .

  2. I normally drink nice warm drinks like milk to warm up my voice or do my
    vocal warm up or hum and do voice emotions

  3. OMG : never make a complete roll with the header !
    The cervical vertebrae are not meant to perform this movement, you’re gonna
    hurt yourself doing this.
    Only make half circles, from left to right and right to left.
    Apart of this, nice vocal tips ;)

  4. Have you seen Ready Set Belly Blast? (do a google search for it) It is a
    quick and easy way for you to melt fat fast.

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