newbies Singing Lessons – Interactive Videos! (1 of 4)

Singing Lessons! Improve your singing voice by practicing along with these videos after a day! Portion two: Get a v…

25 thoughts on “newbies Singing Lessons – Interactive Videos! (1 of 4)”

  1. The first one seems to be harder for me than any of the other exercises.
    Any idea what this could mean and what I should work on?

  2. Wow, I got some serious nostalgia here. The first exercise my elementary
    school music teacher use to play- like, that exact tune. And we had to sing
    the same notes that you told us to hum. So that was really neat.

    Also, I can hit all the high notes, but the don’t sound good. Will that get
    better with practice?

  3. Hi Saher, Thank you for the singing lessons :) Do you still have CDs
    available for purchase?

  4. Wow, this is absolutely perfect! Exactly what I was looking for. I want to
    improve my singing and I appreciate how thought out this is! :) Thank you
    so much!

  5. Hello again. Does it also help to sing along to your. Favorite songs/bands?
    Also, how can you tell if you blew out your voice? Not that i did, Im just

  6. When you first start off singing your going to have a very limited range it
    takes time to expand by building support and doing these exercises its fine
    if you get stuck on a higher pitch… because your a girl that might be
    natural for you to sing in head however as you go lower you start going
    down to chest voice (which is everybody’s normal speaking voice). Just do
    what’s comfortable for you now and don’t push or strain and you will
    develop more range naturally.

  7. by not lying to yourself, if your voice in in sync with the pitch you’ll
    notice, if its not it’ll sound off / not right unless your tonne deaf in
    which case maybe you should find a new hobby lol

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