Beginners Voice Lessons with Shelley Kristen- “Vocal Warm-Ups”

Well-liked Voice Lessons Coaching Video & Audio series with Pro Coach Shelley Kristen. Guaranteed to take your singing & speaking voice to the next level. Learn…

21 thoughts on “Beginners Voice Lessons with Shelley Kristen- “Vocal Warm-Ups””

  1. @TheJoJoIsCrazy “aim” your voice. It’s not easy to put to words, but you
    need to aim your voice.. it’s more a mental image thing :/

  2. @Bluewave369 of course you can! you just keep on practising, i was a
    terrible singer but ariana grande inspired me, and i have even sung
    victoria justices song all i want is everything and i sung it to her and
    she really loved it… just keep practising!

  3. me too! sniff. i also listen to brett manning. you should check him out
    too. he is also a coach.

  4. thank you so much for this it is make my life so much easier and getting me
    prepared for an upcoming show and I can do it on my own time

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