Beginners Voice Lessons – Rapid Voice Lessons Online For Males And Women To Increase Variety And Pitch!

Voice Lessons Online – http://www.superiorsingingmethod.com/azvoicelessons Learn how voice lessons like in this video video can support you find out the easiest me…

25 thoughts on “Beginners Voice Lessons – Rapid Voice Lessons Online For Males And Women To Increase Variety And Pitch!”

  1. Hi there. I want to know how you maintain your breathing while singing and
    also how to be able to hit higher notes? Would love to get better music is
    my passion and its the only thing i enjoy doing. Please help

  2. Liked your YouTube presentation. As a song writer it would be nice to be
    able to sing on more of my demo’s for Nashville.

  3. Your example of singing in a 1-3-5-3-1 pattern is actually a 1-2-3-2-1
    pattern. If you’re going to teach, know your subject.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration! I was having a self-doubt
    moment recently about my vocal performances!

  5. Thanks for d free lessons mein. Its a blessing for those who cannot afford
    to get voice lessons otherwise. God bless u richly. I liv in d country of
    Belize in central america

  6. I havemt really sang much after my voice changed. What are some things I
    could do to grt my voice back in good condition. Im 20 now.


  7. I recently went to an America’s Got Talent audition just for the heck of
    it; I am a better dancer than singer, but I do have a decent voice; so
    hopefully I at least get called back… There is always next year =) Always
    take a chance or you’ll never know =)

  8. If you see this, just one question. Your videos help a lot but I was
    curious if there anything else to know or be careful of if you have asthma?

  9. I love your videos! I watch them in the morning and throughs my day I
    practice. Although I don’t plan to be a singer. I am going for the
    airforce. I just love to sing though. But a lot of times when the music is
    high pitched my voice cracks and ruins everything and I’m self conscious.
    My friend says I have a beautiful voice and begs me to sing but I’m scared
    that my voice will crack. So watching your videos helps me learn. Hope you
    keep making them. :)

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