Beginners Voice Lessons & Exercises- Eve Soto – Vocal Coach- Rihanna/. Drake-Breathing,Pitch,Vibrato,Variety

ReadyToSing Eve Soto http://readytosing.net/vlcddownld.html#cd1 ,Yourvocalcoach, coaches YOU via this challenging and exciting vocal exercising place to “Say My N…

15 thoughts on “Beginners Voice Lessons & Exercises- Eve Soto – Vocal Coach- Rihanna/. Drake-Breathing,Pitch,Vibrato,Variety”

  1. What a delight. Awesome teacher. I have been singing for over 20 years. I
    know a good teacher when I see/hear one!! Awesome

  2. Hi Eve , I really like ur exercises and wanted to share with you my vocal
    exercise problem with you … I don’t know how to explain… When I start
    my vocal exercise … my volume or throw is so loud that down 3,4 house can
    hear my voice … So, how can I control my volume and do quitely but
    strongly my vocal exercise please …

  3. OMG U R SO AWSOME Will I believe I have a good sound which has to be
    trained more but the problem is that I’m really shy to show my voice Maybe
    scared from other people’s openion so I exercise in the ELEVATOR !!! LOL!!!
    but onxe again thanks for your tips

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