Beginners Vocal Training- Warm up Element 3 – Improving Tone Exercises

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24 thoughts on “Beginners Vocal Training- Warm up Element 3 – Improving Tone Exercises”

  1. Thanks Eric, because of your videos, which I did every day for months, I
    felt confident enough to sing at 2 concerts this past summer with a very
    large audience! You rock!

  2. I just started practicing singing and this video was pretty useful man.
    also, Eric’s voice is beyond amazing. I listen to some of your videos daily
    just to hear what good singing sounds like. absolutely amazing

  3. I wondered where the lip roll exercise had gone, ach well you do a grand
    job anyway Eric………….. All the best from Bonnie Scotland :-)

  4. Today I was made aware that YouTube deleted Part 2 of my popular warmup
    series: YouTube cited “inappropriate content” (a phrase usually reserved
    for videos that display nudity, hate speech, major motion pictures, etc.).
    My team and I believe that this was clearly done in error, and are working
    to get it resolved/restored. I pride myself on bringing original FREE
    content to the artistic community, that is of professional quality, and I
    know how much some of you depend on those daily warmups.

  5. Thanks man, this is a really great collection of warm-up tutorials. Really
    helpful. Thanks for taking the time to pull it all together…

  6. Never mind, I’m an idiot the link to the download was on the screen, not
    the description, where i was looking, disregard my comments.

  7. I love how there is always a top rated comment to allow you to jump right
    to the exercises if you’ve already seen the explanations. Excellent lessons
    with an excellent and supportive following.

  8. Im KoRnMonroe i say, regardless of this little hiccup, i say that your
    insight on step by step lessons from beginner to expert exercises are just
    too awsome, clear specific and precise and i love that you know exactly how
    and what your doing and how to do it. thanks for creating what you do
    possible for future singers like myself.

  9. Thank you Eric , i took a course with you was last week i did things you
    told me to and i did those vocal exercices you put on youtube with it and i
    hae to say i am fully surprised i he been doing it for a week and my voice
    is way more in control thanks!!!!!!!!!

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