Beginners Vocal Lessons: Eliminating Singing Cracks and Breaks

http://www.aussievocalcoach.com/totally free-ten-day-mini-course/ In this vocal lesson I will clarify what a vocal crack/break is and how you can get rid of them!

11 thoughts on “Beginners Vocal Lessons: Eliminating Singing Cracks and Breaks”

  1. your amazing the best vocal coach on youtube!! keep it up everyone
    appreciates your help and exercies i know i do and it helps me everyday!

  2. A’ite, no joke, my man… You are honestly the most helpful vocal teacher
    on YouTube. Intelligent, experienced, and you explain the exact vital
    points and details that are vital for improvement. Wowzers. Dunno how to
    thank you enough; I watched, like, seven of these videos, and my entire
    singing voice has improved ten-fold. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  3. Thanks Ian! This is one of the most informative quick tips I have seen!
    Love it! This answered sooo much for me! :-DDD

  4. EEEEEEEEEKKKKKK Im so happy i came across this video!! Im shaking to find
    out that my normal voice will come back again!!! I thought my voice changed
    because of puberty but really it was because I screamed a lot for no
    reason, ate a lot of dairy, went to high on a note, and i didnt drink water
    and when I did it was like 1 a month. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PUTTING THIS
    UP!!!! I LOVE YOU OoO

  5. my voice seems to be hitting somethingBLOCKED, on ANY note i try to sing.
    I’ve been trying to fix this for 22 years. EVERY note hass something in the
    way in my throat that wagles’ between a CLEAR FALSETTO and blocked one. It
    also seems to not b able to find it’s place between falsetto on low noteS
    or any note, I assume tthis why I can’t sing mixed voice also????Could it
    be the gloto(spl) or what? tahnx

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