Beginners Vocal Lessons – Easy Vocal Lessons For Men & Women

Vocal Lessons – http://www.superiorsingingmethod.com/es-cost-free-singing-lesson-videos Verify out my vocal lessons and learn the easiest and most effective voi…

14 thoughts on “Beginners Vocal Lessons – Easy Vocal Lessons For Men & Women”

  1. sorry but this is not useful
    i mean .. keep talking with out give us some trainings 2 do !
    want 2 know what is the best vocal exercises 2 improve my skills even if
    i’m worse than a frog !! :)

  2. i dont think id want him to teach me he said it would be the most quickest
    and painful ……………. thanks but NO THANKS!!!

  3. lol he is such a coach he’s like “a systematic step by step program! and
    there are all these tips and tricks if you check them out!” lol

  4. Thanks, man! I think my program will help you get to the next level with
    your singing for sure. That was kind of the design of the course. Keep up
    the good work and the practicing. I guess you know you can find the course
    from the link below the vid. The sirens, yeah, haha! I record the vids in
    my home studio, and I live in LA, so plenty of sirens!! :)

  5. i have a teacher !but she doesnt make me do vocal exersises just warm up
    exersises and then sing …! what should i do ?

  6. I’ve got a bunch of videos up on my YouTube channel that can help you and
    include some exercises, but if you really want to improve quickly, in a
    step by step kind of way, I’ve got an 8-week, intensive program that you
    can find out more about if you click the link below this video. I wish you
    all the best!

  7. They are more intros. The benefit of the program is that you get more
    information but also it is in a step-by-step kind of way so you learn all
    that you need to learn in the right order. But you can improve quite a bit
    from just watching these videos here on YouTube. I wish you all the best
    with your singing.

  8. If I’m an alto, can I learn to sing soprano? Cause I don’t like my lowness
    and most songs are kinda out of my reach..

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