Beginners Victoria Justice’s Vocal Lesson with Vincent/ Singing Lady Gaga Speechless

Crazy vocal lesson with my amaaazing teacher Vincent last week! Just us obtaining entertaining and being weird and me singing Speechless by Lady Gaga. xoxoxoxoxoxoxxx P….

13 thoughts on “Beginners Victoria Justice’s Vocal Lesson with Vincent/ Singing Lady Gaga Speechless”

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  2. I’m sorry but to set the record straight Ariana Grande and Elizabeth
    Gillies are way better at singing than Victoria Justice I don’t even know
    how you could possibly say that Victoria Justice is better at singing than
    them when she always sounds the same in every song not showing off any sort
    of vocal range or musical talent. Okay I’m not an expert at singing but
    anyone could see who sounds the best.

  3. i don’t think that everyone says Ariana and Liz are better because they
    sing can sing higher. if you have expierence with singing and heard alot of
    people sing you can tell they are obviously better. i’m not disrespecting
    your opinion or whatever 😉 but just saying. i think Vic has really
    developed her singing but still.. Ari and Liz are definately better

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