Beginners Understand To Sing – Brett Manning – Vocal Cord Closure

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3zd8wHZsXY http://www.SingingSuccess.com http://www.singingsuccess.com/secrettip – Click link to get a groundbreaking vocal …

23 thoughts on “Beginners Understand To Sing – Brett Manning – Vocal Cord Closure”

  1. Try raising your soft pallet. In else try making a “ng” sound to find out
    where it is. To know if it is raised hold your nose shut and try making the
    tone come out of your mouth :)

  2. @BrandNewFireworks A tip that from me, that works for me really well and
    I’m a guy and can hit very high notes… so before I’ll give you my tip I’m
    not a coachj ot liscenced by any means but I’ have experienced that this
    tip works for me like Brett has stsed once High notes are not earned they
    are found, singing is a disocovery process, it trakes to develop range and
    consistency, anyways to rech you need less air not more its paradox, buy
    Singing Success and sing like never before it works.

  3. @YahHhrly why did you reply to my comment in saying pavarotti sang when it
    was popular to sing(s) dark and heavy? What does that have to do with
    anything? I was talking about how pavarotti when he sings in chest, he
    places the sound perfectly so there isn’t strain. When they sing in chest,
    they’re all straining and reaching with their necks because they’re used to
    doing it incredibally lightly without much effort with headvoice

  4. hey guy’s can somebody help me with something, i cant hit a light head
    voice i strain in my head there’s just way too much strain it feels heavy
    on my voice and there is no cheast voice in there i try singing softly i
    try to close my chords but nothing helps i dont know if it is the way i
    sing i have the singing succsess please i beg somebody i need help?

  5. I’m a baritone. Before SS I Could only reach F#4, damaging my vocal cords,
    like screaming, without enough sustain. After only 3 months (with SS), I
    can now reach A4 easily, and even C5 with (with some effort), with a better
    tone and sustain. Thank you, Brett!

  6. @Bree1059 after the vid has loaded completely, press pause, then play, then
    press the number 5 over and over, HAHA

  7. He always makes the weirdest songs and im afraid to try any of them for
    fear that my whole family will hear

  8. @SingingSuccess I sincerely hope u take notice of this! I’m going through
    the Singing Success course and I’ve realised that during my first bridge
    there is a little unintentional vocal fry that I can only get rid of with
    cough syrup 😛 I’ve tried googling answers for it since Brett hasn’t really
    tackled this issue in “singing success” AND “mastering mix”. Please make a
    video concerning this issue! THANK U SO MUCH! and you ROCK 😀

  9. @YahHhrly I have to agree with your sidenote. The techniques are immensely
    powerful if done properly. But for someone who is trying to figure things
    out by themselves, it can indeed be dangerous to the vocal cords. I’ve been
    practicing with singing success virtually everyday for two months until a
    few weeks ago when it got to the point where it was hurting too much to
    speak. Thankfully, I’m almost back to normal now but it was a scary

  10. @ixoyerocks same. I think cause your nose is blocked and the throat lasts
    longer cause it’s a little protected by the mucus.

  11. He currently trains Hayley Williams from paramore and Keith Urban. I looked
    him up on wiki and apparently he also trained Taylor Swift and Wes Hampton.
    And these people obviously have money, so the fact that they choose him
    over any other trainer says something. Also, you can tell how well-versed
    he is considering he trains a gospel, a pop-punk, and some country singers.
    The others in his team train numerous other recording artists. I’m no
    trainer but his CDs and online tips have helped me a lot

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