Beginners Tip 2 of 12 / Singing Out In The Cold / Vocal Singing Lessons

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14 thoughts on “Beginners Tip 2 of 12 / Singing Out In The Cold / Vocal Singing Lessons”

  1. Man, I wish someone would get me that program. I’m a singer and took voice
    lessons and sing solos for church and it helps. I come on here all the time
    for different tips and different warm ups just for the fun of it!

  2. I wonder if it’s possible to make an arrangement using only exercise
    sounds? Lip-rolls for the melody, vow vow vow’s, ma ma and esoteric miao’s.
    Rhythm could be Guh (for chord-closure and what a healthy singing that
    would be

  3. Hi, I am a bit confused. What is the exact definition of “the dynamics of
    the voice”? What does actually change; the pitch, range, soundcolour or
    volume etc..? And why is that?

  4. It can get mighty cold inside as well. You should feel the temp in the
    choir loft at our little wooden, drafty church!

  5. santa brett! 😀 i want a singing success program for this christmas! 😀
    dont worry, i was a goood boi :3

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