1. I’ve wanted to invest in Ken Tamplins entire system for nearly 3 years now.
    Unfortunately financial circumstances just haven’t allowed it. But even
    today I have more confidence in this man than anyone I’ve ever spoken to or
    heard of. Someday I’m going be able to invest in his program, and I can’t
    freaking wait.

    I’m the guy who can’t currently sing. The guy who when no one’s home cranks
    Def Leppard and sings “Pour Some Sugar on Me” at the top of his lungs, the
    same guy you see dancing in his car on his way to work. Am I good? Probably
    not, but I feel the potential through desire within me.

    Whether you’re able to invest in KTVA or not, don’t let the world kill that
    desire. Because its ultimately that desire that’s going to make you a
    singer some day.

  2. I’m looking fwd to checking out this program. I’ve tried many different
    online styles and a few in person over the years. Hearandplay, Brett
    singing something…(forgot the rest of the name) and the way that this is
    described has my curiosity peaked. The price is pretty steep though. Well
    Like dakotah I’d better start stacking up. Hell I remember a time when I
    wanted to sing and this type of info wasn’t available on the net. Like a
    decade ago or so. I’m glad that this program is here. I’m going to be
    keeping my eye on this until I get it. And when I get in the industry I
    will give the credit where it is do. Can’t wait.

  3. What you describe here about teaching IS funny! Too bad this is the way
    MOST teachers in ALL areas of schooling teach the way you describe in that
    most of them are failures at what they teach. No how funny is THAT??

  4. The master class sounds like a determination driven course where good
    practice every day is the key for the success that you would get. I also
    believe it to be a little bit more independent than the rest of the
    classes. People be singing Iron Maiden and Christina Aguilera in one day,
    and their comments would usually be “I’m exhausted, Ken. Maybe we should
    take a break for a while….” “No no no. Keep going, because I know you can
    do it!” It sounds really fun! Correct me if I’m wrong.

  5. Train Christina Aguilera, please! Teach her the things that her supportive
    fans say she has because I used to like her, but now, I’m losing a little
    faith in her. So I’m borderline between like and dislike.. I found this
    video to be quite funny in my opinion. But you HAVE trained the best there
    was, and DragonForce is great!

  6. @kentamplin I only have videos and they’re too big to email, but if you
    just click on my name “GeetarAdam”, the featured video, “Live and Let Die”
    has a good sample of my singing in a rock style with some high notes.
    Thanks! m/(-_-)m/

  7. Ken, what is your opinion of Whitfield Crane from Ugly Kid Joe? I’d really
    like to hear ya tackle one of their songs some time! :)

  8. Hi,my name is McKenna. I know you get this all the time (I can tell by the
    comments) but I would gratuitously appreciate some help. I’m 13. I’ve loved
    singing my whole, life, literately, since I was 3. My dream is to be on
    broadway. But I fear I don’t have the skills nor talent. I just now started
    taking lessons, the cheapest I could find. My family isn’t rich and I can’t
    afford the proper training I think would help me be a better singer. If you
    have any help or tips, I’d be forever grateful.Ty

  9. STOP AND CONSIDER THIS: Most all singing programs out there show NO
    SINGING. NONE. Only “talk” with “testimonials” making crazy claims about
    their product. Yet NO ONE IS PROVING IT WITH ANY ACTUAL SINGING (and I mean
    songs, not a scale or a note – but truly singing great). The coaches aren’t
    singing, the students aren’t singing. Don’t you think that is strange?
    Something worth thinking about on you singing quest. Ken Tamplin Vocal
    Academy – Where The PROOF Is In The Singing!

  10. hey can i send you a recording of my voice so you can tell me what i need
    to work on. I’m just starting to sing. I also have a cover up on my channel
    of me if thats easier.

  11. Intonation usually is most often affected by timbre of sound. Start with a
    really bright sound and you will be able to “hear” pitch better

  12. hi ive been taking sining lesson for about 3 months what I don’t understand
    is some days my voice sounds good and ather days it sounds flat even when I
    do all the exersizes would you no why this would be

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