Beginners Singing Workouts – Singing Workout routines Suggestions To Improve Your Voice

Singing Workouts – http://www.superiorsingingmethod.com/eo-free of charge-singing-lesson-videos Check out my singing workouts and discover the easiest and most effec…

19 thoughts on “Beginners Singing Workouts – Singing Workout routines Suggestions To Improve Your Voice”

  1. Holy Crap, I’ve never gotten these breathing tips before, but they work. I
    can sing half-decent now! Thanks dude!

  2. I love you, too. Thanks! Have you had a chance to check out my 8-week,
    systematic course, by the way? You can find it by clicking the link below
    this video. Best of luck to you!!

  3. yeah the order is something I go much more in depth in my course for sure.
    But just keep doing warm ups and then practice vocal straightening exercises

  4. Thank you so much for this. I really want to get into the music buisness
    and continue in my band and hopefully go far, so this helps out alot. i
    still have a way to go. <3

  5. Yeah, a lot of people can’t. No problem. Lip trills are basically the same
    concept and help in the same kind of way. Can you do those? I think I have
    a vid up here on my channel that demonstrates them. I know I do work with
    them in my course (link below the vid). I wish you all the best!!

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