Beginners Singing Lessons & Voice Instruction : Chin Muscle Test Vocal Exercise

Find out the chin muscle test to aid you sing with proper vocal approach with singing and vocal instruction guidelines in this free of charge online vocal coaching video clip. E…

18 thoughts on “Beginners Singing Lessons & Voice Instruction : Chin Muscle Test Vocal Exercise”

  1. You’re one hell of a person. I’m sure your students love you and more
    people should be just like you. I’ll end all comments with you as we are
    going to have to agree to disagree. Best of luck to you!

  2. Yeah, it is moving, so what? Come on man, it is impossible for you to
    produce a sound and not have a movement on your jaw/ neck/ throat muscles.

  3. that’s ok. I am just telling others not to have a go at him for doing so.
    You are right of course.

  4. Ha I just realised what he is doing. The muscle he talks of is ‘the base of
    the tongue’. Tension in this can be problematic as it is MUCH stronger than
    the tiny larynx. Check Estill for exercises to free this tension.

  5. Hmm this is SLS. Again. Trotted out as new stuff. Even Seth Riggs isn’t
    convinced about this stuff anymore.

  6. Actually, I’m not talking about the root of the tongue, though that needs
    to be relaxed, too. I’m talking about the digastric and mylohyoid muscles.
    I studied with Richard Miller, Jo Estill method and with very prominent ENT
    surgeon for singers TX. I hope they would know what they were talking
    about. I’ve also researched their information just to verify that others
    found, from science, that they knew about singer physiology and voice
    production. Thanks for your input, though.

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