beginners Singing Lessons – Vocal Warm Up Workouts

Vocal workouts to help you warm up and create your voice like a PRO! Get THEM Right here:…

25 thoughts on “beginners Singing Lessons – Vocal Warm Up Workouts”

  1. I love these exercises I am a middle school student and am in honor choir
    and these help including i am auditioning for a bigger choir.

  2. thank you very much for this :) i have a singing show today and i needed to
    warm up. this helped a lot

  3. you guys should try thins if you want to learn how to sing
    or if you already know how to sing still do this cuz it can help your voice
    i do this every 

  4. this is basic warm up exercises. school choirs do this all the time. not
    sure what all the fuss is about.

  5. I’m a guy and I’m wondering, can I do these excercises with my chest voice?
    It ounds like she is doing an airy falsetto tone the whole time. I have a
    big range but I’m trying to build on it still. I am looking for exercises
    that will warm up my upper register so I can sing classic rock songs
    without straining my vocal chords. 

  6. I did this cus I was trying to sing Emilie Autumn and failing 😛 now my
    voice feels a lot more supple I will try again. :)

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