Beginners Singing Lessons / Vocal Diet / Improving Tone / Lip Roll vs Tongue Trill

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15 thoughts on “Beginners Singing Lessons / Vocal Diet / Improving Tone / Lip Roll vs Tongue Trill”

  1. this guy knows what he’s talking about.. i don’t get all the bad comments
    about him and his methods as a vocal coach. but about taking a phone call
    during a private lesson… well.. that’s a different issue.

  2. Hi Bratt. i want to know the way how to makesure my whistle voice sound
    more clearer and much projection?

  3. I am a progressive metal singer and although most of the time I sing, I add
    a little growls and screams too. Does screaming and growling diminish your
    voice on the whole? Or does it help in one way or the other?

  4. i find nay nay nay exercise too difficult. ikept on forcing my voice to do
    it and i feel that my throat aches.
    how should i properly do it?

  5. 2) My natural voice is baritone, but when i record my voice, it sounds
    better when i sing higher in the upper range, but at the same time the
    voice comes out not so easy. I think, maybe it is because of compression
    that i do in the upper range and what I dont do in my normal range. THANK

  6. You can do them sitting :) All you have to do is sit straight and place
    yourself at the edge of your chair.

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  8. TODAY’S TOPICS: Vocal Diet – 0:14 Improving Your Tone – 1:34 Lip Roll vs
    Tongue Trill – 2:45

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