Beginners Singing Lessons – Vocal Coach (Lesson 1 – Breath)

NEW June 2014!! Breath Lesson (57min extended). Watch Cost-free Now! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrdrSxCwHvo&list=PLms9L7DQxfwNI-W8lpINkjl2zSh3n2ADm&index=4 Ac…

24 thoughts on “Beginners Singing Lessons – Vocal Coach (Lesson 1 – Breath)”

  1. Great video! Thanks for sharing. What are your thoughts on corsets for
    singers? I am a corset maker and have been told that some professional
    singers like to wear a corset to train their breath, and while they

  2. Breathing! Of course. I love singing but I feel that I am not quite good. I
    have my moments but I am still very self conscious. I used to rock out at
    Karaoke shows but I think the applause were more for my animated
    performance rather than ability. Hit my channel and let me know what you
    think. Cheers!

  3. I was into ballet when I was young and they allways told us to breath high
    so our stomach doesn’t pop out. Now it became a habit to me that’s really
    hard to change :/

  4. you have a very crisp speaking voice. and i’ve noticed that some of the
    greatest singers typically have very crisp singing/speaking voices (w/ the
    exception of Mariah Carey who’s more on the sultry side). would you say
    that having a crisper sounding speaking voice usually indicates that you’ll
    have a powerful singing voice?? i ask b/c my speaking voice is very sultry
    and although i like to sing i definitely wouldn’t think that i’m a good
    singer. in other words, can a crisp/clear singing voice be cultivated??

  5. Thanks so much! I didn’t even know breathing would help you sing… and I
    didn’t know that it’s better to breathe that way! I strain my voice a lot
    and after breathing as instructed, it helped a lot!

  6. Thank you thank you thank you, I’m so glad I came across your channel, for
    years I’ve become frustrated because I love singing but am horrible. Your
    channel really helps!

  7. @JonathanSlater, they were up all the way! I have a sound booster and it
    still didn’t help! So…

  8. Just started breath exercise now. I already felt an adjustment taking
    course. Less strain on the voice for sure! I know it will take probably a
    couple of months or so for me to get use to the habit I was accustomed to,
    but I am relearning. Thank you!

  9. I have asthma and I feel like I can’t really breathe with the diaphragm
    breathing but I think I have pretty ok breathing with lung breathing (if
    that makes sense) to sing, is the diaphragm breathing required or

  10. I’m writing my husband a song and plan to learn it on my guitar but I’d
    like to sing it as well. Obviously I’m not going to win American Idol, but
    in your opinion can anyone learn to sing? I know I won’t be great but at
    the moment I’m only a little better than nails on a chalkboard.

  11. Rae, you are one good-looking woman; 5 kids? You’re gorgeous, hon. I’m from
    Sydney, Australia and judging by your accent; are you from Oz too? I’d like
    to know if you give lessons in person? I’ve been watching your tutorials
    and practicing, but I feel like I’m lacking with something; yet I cannot
    put my finger on it. If you don’t give lessons in person, would you know
    anyone who does? Bless you :)

  12. Great lesson and well explained. Will check out your other video’s. Shame
    you’re not in Adelaide, as I need a good voice coach

  13. wow thank you this helped me alot im a saprano and i also play a wind
    instrument and i always run out of breath but i took your advice and i have
    inproved alot.

  14. the lesson is very good a i have to say.it`s easier to reach high notes,bit
    when i breath like this it hurts a little.should it be like this?

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