Beginners Singing Lessons – The Embouchure – The FIRST thing You Need To Fix!

The embouchure is a French word we use to describe the following physical elements of singing jaw, lips and teeth. Starting students are not used to open…

12 thoughts on “Beginners Singing Lessons – The Embouchure – The FIRST thing You Need To Fix!”

  1. Sir? I love your programs, however there is only onething I must tell you
    which you maybe already know: Jesus loves you so much and he iscoming
    forth! :) 

  2. Awesome advice. One thing though… is that a ghost moving that thing
    hanging from the ceiling behind you?!

  3. So do you recommend keeping the tongue forced down to the base of the
    jaw,as some vocal coaches do?I notice some vocal coaches say keep the
    tongue forced down as far as possible and keep the jaw wide open.This
    always felt very awkward to me.Almost like trying to sing with a mouth full
    of marbles…You on the other hand,seem to be saying to keep the jaw closed
    a bit and simply keep the tongue forward and not forced down to the base of
    the jaw…Am I correct??

  4. Yes.. vowel formation becomes more efficient when you shut down the jaw
    movement or at least minimize it.

  5. Whoa. When i tried keeping a horizontal embouchure, i noticed my voice
    seemed to flow better and it sounded warmer! 😀

  6. Excellent advice. It’s also a configuration that you need to get
    comfortable with menally and physically because it can feel a little
    unnatural at first, but so important.

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