Beginners Singing Lessons : Speech Level Singing Ideas

Expert singers the planet over have selected speech level singing, or SLS, as their training method, enabling them to sing without having vocal or muscular strai…

13 thoughts on “Beginners Singing Lessons : Speech Level Singing Ideas”

  1. this first scaled is called the “long scale”, the second is a simple, 9
    note major scale

  2. Sorry – SLS is NOT considered the “Gold Standard” of the industry. It
    produces weak voices that end up with polyps or nodules because of lack of
    breath support. It good for some things like relieving strain, but to
    achieve a full tone you HAVE to incorporate proper breath compression –
    something SLS steers away from in favor of cord compression.

    Keeping the throat space of speech – which SLS does – create a thin sound
    without a proper balance of low/mid/upper frequencies. It favors mid/upper
    frequencies which end up producing a thinner, lighter sound.

    If you want to sound big & full you have to open the throat and use sub
    glottal compression.

  3. Thank you so much, your lesson is very helpful for me. I got a really good
    voice and range, but sometimes I got problems with adduction, I feel so
    strange, as my voice is not here anymore, only air. Some people told me
    “sing as you speak” or “there’s too much singing in you singing”, but… it
    never helped me… Hearing your voice in this video is really helpful, in
    two minutes my voice is ok, this exercises are like a gps when I’m lost 😀

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