Beginners Singing Lessons : Singing Lessons: Vocal Range

A very good singing lesson exercising helps a student locate vocal range by singing the notes on a piano. Uncover vocal range for singing with guidelines from a music teac…

24 thoughts on “Beginners Singing Lessons : Singing Lessons: Vocal Range”

  1. “If you do this exercise, your vocal range will also increase.”
    HALLELUJAH…! You’ve no idea how many vids I went by just to get that
    answer. Thanks!

  2. @xaqidahx they have on the web google vocal pitch chart and it is a online
    piano and its free and you do not have to download it and it does not have
    a virus

  3. i don’t have a piano… is there a a video somewhere that anyone has found
    that can help me see what my range is? i used to be a mezzo. but i think
    its change recently. help??

  4. @TedvanBrakel I wouldn’t think there’s such thing as a bad range, but if
    you got the same result as I did, then you must be Baritone.

  5. how come when i do this i find my range but then i can go out of it during
    a song plz i wnt to no send me a message plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. @MetalSk8Shred Yeah, I did exactly the same and with same results. Just a
    question; is that good or do we have a bad vocal range?

  7. I tried finding my Vocal range using this same method, except with a
    guitar. So this question goes to the guitar players. I don’t know much
    about music and I don’t know my voice type. So I started from a C note on
    the D string and I went all the way to F note on the low E string. Then I
    went back to the C note on the D string and went all they way up to a B
    note on the G string. So I can go as low as F on the Low E string to the B
    note on the G string. I’m pretty sure there’s no Falsettos.

  8. @TedvanBrakel It is a vocal range. Have you ever heard of a “Baritone
    singer”? Baritone range is a range that can go to a pretty low register,
    musical wise. So if you have a pretty deep voice, not like super deep, but
    pretty deep, you’d probly be a Baritone. If it is really really deep, then
    you’re probly a “Bass”. If you’re not very deep but not very hgih voice,
    it’s a Tenor. Those ranges are what Usually males have. You can Google
    Voice or Singing ranges and probly learn a few things. G’luck!

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