Beginners Singing Lessons | Singing Lessons for Beginers, Discover How to Sing

Ken Tamplin Coaches How To Sing and helps the beginers to Learn The Art Of Incredible Singing with his special singing lessons.

15 thoughts on “Beginners Singing Lessons | Singing Lessons for Beginers, Discover How to Sing”

  1. Ken Tamplin Coaches How To Sing and helps the beginners to Learn The Art Of
    Amazing Singing with his unique singing

  2. Hey guy consider this:

    All these other vocal coaching programs out there display no actual singing.
    (one coach has a weird Brady Bunch thing but virtually all others
    demonstrate no coaches singing, and no students singing)

    We believe the proof is in the singing.

    Here’s just a small sampling of KTVA students

    How to sing like Dave Grohl have 185K+ views.
    How To Sing Like Dave Grohl / The Pretender / Foo Fighters /
    KenTamplinVocalAcademy com

    Her How to sing like Layne Staley have 179 K+ How To Sing Like Layne Staley
    / Man In The Box / Alice In Chains / KenTamplinVocalAcademy com

    My student Anthony 8 million Katy Perry – Dark Horse (Sung in 20 Styles)
    Ten Second Songs

    My student Ryan Haeri How to sing like Steve Perry 179 K+
    How To Sing Like Steve Perry – Journey – Faithfully – Ken Tamplin Vocal

    My student Tina Alcorace just went viral last week with 130K views in 4 days

    My student Sara Loera How to sing like X-Tina 79K
    How To Sing Like Christina Aguilera – Beautiful – KenTamplinVocalAcademy.com

    Many of my videos well into the 200 – 300K range… as well as this one at
    1.5 mill Singing Lessons | Singing Lessons for Beginers, Learn How to Sing

    I understand people want to believe they can take a weight loss pill and
    not exercise and get what they want. (or “quick vocal tips”) But they will
    soon find out it doesn’t work like that.

  3. Best advertisement, ever. Very down to earth and straight to the point. No
    bullshit and is actually somewhat funny for some reason. But in a good way,
    hard to explain, haha.

  4. Oh and even though you say improvements don’t come overnight. What can I
    say. Maybe this open throat singing thing is just right for me and was what
    I was missing, because i DID see improvements overnight. Like right away.

    I don’t know if you believe me or not, but opening my throat up really
    changed everything right away. Apparently I had no idea what I was doing

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  6. Hey man, your vocal range is awesome ive been watching all your videos and
    ive been practicing heaps, I’m an “old soul” in a 17 year old’s body haha
    keep up the good work and i look forward to your next video. :)

  7. Ken, you are phenomenal. If I could be in a band with you that’d be awesome
    haha. You rock. Don’t ever give it up brother

  8. hey ken, I was just wondering if you could post a video on how to fix nasal
    problems….please! thank you so much!!!!

  9. I sing in a 60s style soul cover band and I’m trying to learn that style
    without hurting myself. Here’s a song I want to cover, but I have two
    questions. 1) Is this guy killing himself. 2) If he’s not, is this a tone
    you have to be born with, or can it be taught.


  10. This short video started me on a vocal journey a few years ago that has
    been very rewarding. Singing lessons from Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy really
    work. Singing lessons for beginners can be a tough choice, because you
    may not know one singing method from another. Learn how to sing from
    KTVA. Vocal lessons can change your life for the better. The best singing
    lessons are Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy. Ken will teach you how to sing high
    notes, low notes, and everything in between. Watch more of Ken Tamplin’s
    videos and prove it to yourself. You won’t find other vocal coaches
    putting out this many demonstrations of songs of this quality. Let Ken
    Tamplin Vocal Academy be the turning point in your musical life!

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