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http://www.rockvocalcoach.com – Rock Vocal Coach Kevin Richards Creating a potent mixed voice is important for Rock singing. Getting able to belt notes bet…

5 thoughts on “Beginners Singing Lessons – Powerful Mixed Voice – Rock Vocal Coach”

  1. Is it normal to feel the larynx shoot up in the chin during this exercise?
    My voice sounds really thin and annoying, especially when I go above G4.
    Thanks in advance!

  2. it’s inspirational to see you hitting these notes in mix voice. i’m a
    fellow bass baritone (19 years old) and I struggle hitting G4 comfortably.
    was told it was impossible to be hitting notes in the 5th octave with my
    voice. been singing 6 months and I’m slowly nearing it. thanks for the
    lesson, it’s much appreciated! the compression in abdomen tips and
    attention to tone has helped me the most. I have a gig in 2 weeks where I
    am required to hit a G4 as backing vocalist and you’ve made it doable

  3. @DeEonian – it can be natural if you don’t know how to suppress that
    larynx. See my comment above.

  4. @imcoolerthanmiami – it can but it shouldn’t. Sing with the word “uh” in
    your mind and try to get that downward, open throated feeling of an “uh”
    sound. That will keep the larynx low.

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