Beginners Singing Lessons – Metal Bite Resonance – Rob Halford – Rock the Stage NYC

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18 thoughts on “Beginners Singing Lessons – Metal Bite Resonance – Rob Halford – Rock the Stage NYC”

  1. Im wondering if you have a video on a head voice technique or whatever
    called pianissimo?? Also thank you for helping me with the dynamic of my
    voice its become much more stronger now :)

  2. *Sorry for my bad english, i’m italian* I have a question about head voice!
    (you are very helpful with those videos) how does pharynge feels like in
    head voice? Like in falsetto? Contracted? When I sing high notes, over my
    chest voice (Metal thrashing mad intro, for example) I can use falsetto
    (and I don’t feel any strain in my head) or I scream it strong and I feel
    my head and my neck very pushed, but my pharynge is contracted. It’s ok? Am
    I using head voice, or just a strong falsetto?

  3. @RocktheStageNYC What about James Hetfield? He had a very particular voice
    in the first ten years with metallica, specially in 1991. I guess he did
    those vocals the wrong way, I mean he pushed his voice and that’s why he
    damaged it.

  4. you’re doing something wrong as no one I’ve ever taught it to as gotten
    headaches. Are you doing way too much perhaps?

  5. Please let me ask you sth again :) I got it, understand it and feel it, I
    can give you a twang if u ask me to or turn on the resonance in any scream
    so my metal screams are not bad – the thing is with my band we’ve started
    to turn my high, sharp voice on during verses (stanza) and there’s a
    problem because I can”t hold that twang all the time especially because of
    consonants and my vocal breaks and sounds annoying (not falsetto but not
    metal also). What should I focus on? What’s wrong?

  6. Because what he is doing to make that very aggressive scream is not what it
    sounds like. Its actually very light on his voice but it sounds like it’s
    ripping his throat apart. That’s the secret to screaming. It has to be
    light and above the vocal folds. Think of screaming as a very clean guitar
    sound put through a distortion box. The distortion comes after the clean
    sound. He’s not making a distorted sound. Its a clean sound that is
    distorted after its made. That’s why it hasn’t damaged him.

  7. @darklightraven – that was me at one time – I could sing F5 to A5 notes but
    could sing between Bb4 and F5. It takes basically starting over in your mix
    area and slowly working your range up from F#4.

  8. @uranium993 – OK lets get this out of the way – THERE ARE NO SECRETS IN
    SINGING. Learning to sing with power and brilliance takes long hours of
    practice over a period of years. There is no “switch” you can turn on and
    your voice sounds like that – it takes years of conditioning and building
    muscle. UNLESS you are blessed with the exact same kind of voice as Phil
    Anselmo or Rob Halford. But even they were singing for years before they
    were discovered. This video is about resonance not power.

  9. Its the way you are looking at your lyrics. You are looking at them as
    stumbling blocks instead of stepping stones. Its too lengthy to write hear
    but you need to look at your lyrics as a way to help you support your
    voice. Consonants like L,M,N,R,W,D are all consonants that can help you
    support the melody. Treat every consonant like you would a D and B – on and
    off quickly an onto the vowel. The vowels are what carries the melody so
    emphasize those and get off the consonants quickly.

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