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http://www.KenTamplinVocalAcademy.com Ken Tamplin provides Japanese guitarist Yuji Suzuki a singing lessons demonstrating the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy method. …

13 thoughts on “Beginners SINGING LESSONS IN JAPANESE – KenTamplinVocalAcademy.com”

  1. I’m lucky ’cause I understand English and Japanese xD [but I am Italian]
    thank you for this lessons

  2. It’s funny how he understands everything Ken is saying, and he still
    answers back in Japanese. I guess that’s the point though since you also
    have a singing course in 日本語(笑)

  3. @highnote32 chest voice is your speaking belting voice. Head voice can
    combine a mix but is generally referred to mostly for the falsetto register

  4. I am a foreigner but I thought I’d give this a shot. Yuji says: Everyone,
    how are you? I had not sung even once yet, but about six months ago, I
    started the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy course. At this point, I am still in
    (shiken dantai?, if so, Test group), but I would like to show the content.
    My lowest note was F Sharp or F. Six months Yes, I am a guitarist, but I
    would like to be able to sing backup on occasion. Please enjoy it. It’s

  5. @kentamplinI I have always believed that chest voice is made for hitting
    lower notes at a singers bottom range. Isn’t mixed voice needed actually?
    Or are there variations of the techniques?

  6. wow! He can go high!!! I want to buy the course! But I am just 15 and my
    parents wouldn`t buy me a 300 dollar program. I need to save money and do
    my best and impress my parents so I can buy this.

  7. Ken, are you fluent in Japanese? I’ve been taking vocal lessons for a year
    now because I want to sing Japanese songs.

  8. @chamcham123 no but I have a student that is and has translated all of my
    prgram into japanese which is available

  9. @Reaper1984 That’s actually a good comment. I will be doing that at some
    point because there is definitely an art to that and I have worked many
    years on making lower tone stuff sound good. The problem is people tend to
    “cover” the sound and make it dark and pillowy thinking that’s what makes
    “low” sound good when it is not.

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