Beginners Singing Lessons : How to Warm Up Your Voice for Singing

You need to warm up your voice for singing for at least 20 or 30 minutes, ideally in ten-minute increments all through the day of a overall performance. Understand some basi…

18 thoughts on “Beginners Singing Lessons : How to Warm Up Your Voice for Singing”

  1. I don’t usually like eHow videos but this lady is great! What an excellent
    lesson! & I’m a metal vocalist, so that says alot,lol… This is such an
    easy but very effective lesson. Best singing lesson vid on youtube… :0)

  2. These are such large scales. It’s not exactly that easy on the chords. I
    would start with five tone scales…

  3. lol that’s kinda cruel, this is how pretty much all professional singers
    warm up 😉 sounds n looks DUMB AS HELL, but that’s how you produce amazing
    sound from your voice

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