Beginners Singing Lessons / How To Sing Like Lzzy Hale / Halestorm / Miss The Misery

Singing Lessons / Singing Coach Ken Tamplin Coaches KTVA Student Gabriela How To Sing Like Lzzy Hale. To understand to sing like this: Check out my “How To Sing B…

19 thoughts on “Beginners Singing Lessons / How To Sing Like Lzzy Hale / Halestorm / Miss The Misery”

  1. Ken you have a prodigious mind,.. incredibly intelligent in general, but
    I’m not sure I’ve seen a teacher on any subject as patient and as able to
    spot the issue and command a resolution with such natural ease and speed as
    you seem to do effortlessly. You even have me, a drummer first, guitarist
    second, actually thinking hey.. maybe.. I could learn to sing. I’d tell
    you to keep it up, but don’t think you need anyone to tell you that. :)

  2. I watched almost all of this video, and if you’re the instructor you did a
    very good job, but to sing like Lzzy Hale there has to be some Rock, or
    even Gravel in a girl’s voice. The main reason I like her is because she
    has the best female rock scream this side of David Lee Roth. Sorry,
    couldn’t resist that joke.

    I come from a choral singing background, so I understand where she’s coming
    from, and the Star Spangled Banner is still one of my best songs. That
    said, I worshiped at the altar of James Hetfield long enough to earn many
    distinct growls and rumbles in my voice. I didn’t even have to smoke.

    On the plus side trying to sing all high like you but with some gravel I
    found a new vocal sound for myself that’s pretty cool.

  3. Love hearing you guys talk about singing. I”ve always sang, but I’ve been
    in my own world knowing this stuff it seems. So great hearing what I know,
    put into words.

  4. Ken! I absolutely love that you used a song from one of my favorite bands
    as an HOUR LONG tutorial. :) and Gabys voice… so awesome. This really
    helped me a lot… I used to get stuck on the chorus and it felt too weak
    but i was singing along the whole time and wow, you work some magic. Wish I
    had money so I could learn more from you! (such as that INCREDIBLE intro
    yell she does before starting the song that sounds like her voice is
    wavering between two voices with raspiness and is sooooo strong and solid
    at the same time)

    There is oneeeee thing though. When she’s singing “I like the kick in the
    faaaace,” it follows that with a much more brief “and the things you do to
    me” then it moves to “I love the way that it hurrrtssss, I dont miss you I
    miss the misery,” So its like the long section of the chorus, then a short
    section, then another long and then finishes with another short section..
    It kept sticking out to me the whole time while watching it, I did learn
    from what you were showing her and it really shouldnt bother me that much
    but it kept getting my attention and I wanted to show you guys what i was
    talking about and it made me feel like a bit of a crazy person talking back
    at a youtube video. :) Haha.

  5. Hi Ken, I’m from Argentina. You teach very good, I’m trying to understand
    everything haha (spanish). Keep it up. Kisses

  6. Hey ken I’m a huge fan. I’ve been a fan ‘An Axe To Grind’ dude u rock!!!
    Please do a tutorial on how to sing like Kevin Young of Disciple, Or
    Michael Sweet Of Stryper. They both have very unique, different from the
    other, awesome metal screams I would love to hear u do. Thanks!

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  9. annoyed me how she kept getting the last line of the chorus wrong as i
    wanted to learn how to sing this properly

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