Beginners Singing Lessons : How to Sing Falsetto

Guys are the only singers who have falsettos, and when a man sings a falsetto, they must be gentle with their vocal cords. Find out suggestions for operating on regi…

13 thoughts on “Beginners Singing Lessons : How to Sing Falsetto”

  1. Um, I’m a female who sings from Bb2 to G5 and one or two notes higher in
    falsetto. I was literally the only non soprano in my school choir and had a
    habit off breaking into a breathy falsetto even with some alto parts and
    when covering male songs (like usher) so have always been in the habit of
    supposedly imitating male falsetto. I mean isn’t ‘there is no such thing as
    female falsetto’ said on the assumption that all women have high voices? I
    mean wouldn’t a female used to singing in tenor or even baritone range
    because that’s how she is naturally made resort to falsetto to reach what
    is meant to be within the grasp of a ‘normal’ woman?

  2. I once sang in “falsetto” (that was what my music class teacher said) and
    I’m a girl. But she said that girls cant sing in falsetto. I am not a
    soprano ( i find my voice breaking when I sing higher notes. My voice is
    just the right voice for RnB and just literally songs without high notes
    and my voice is said to be a bit “big” and “nasally” )


  3. For all those that are confused… ONLY MEN CAN DO FALSETTO…. Women
    cannot do falsetto because they can reach higher scales and ranges
    normally.. When they don’t sing in their chest voice… IT”S NOT FALSETTO
    It’s called HEAD VOICE…. Just like women kids ages until 12 I think do
    NOT have falsetto they only have HEAD VOICE… Hope this helps

  4. Girls can sing falsetto. Falsetto is a physical thing that your vocal do.
    vocal cords do not operate differently because it is a man’s or woman’s.

  5. 0:02 Why you always saying “I’M A PROFESSIONAL SINGER” on every videos you
    have? It doesn’t matter ya know. It’s like giving high five to yourself.

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