Beginners Singing Lessons : How to Give Voice Lessons

An vital element of providing voice lessons is understanding the anatomy of the body and how the muscle tissues perform to generate singing. Understand about the significance of…

3 thoughts on “Beginners Singing Lessons : How to Give Voice Lessons”

  1. @3arvizu well it’s mandatory that you go to your local Doctor, so I’m gonna
    tell you what i do when i feel i fucked up my voice.when i scream sing to
    the point where it hurts and i have a hot tingling in my throat i stop
    singing and screaming altogether for about two weeks and in those two weeks
    i drink tea (you could drink whatever kind you want whether it be
    hot,iced,sweet, or lemon) as a secondary drink next to water,this helps
    heal my throat i also don’t talk so that i don’t make it worse

  2. i hurt my voice i was screaming and i felt something rip in my throat and
    since then im having trouble singing and even talking what can i do to fix
    this. i miss singing!! =/

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