Beginners Singing Lessons / Head Voice Instruction (Intermediate Singer) / Rock the Stage NYC

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  1. @pwnageman555 – off and on for 20 years. By “off and on” I mean that I
    really train my voice if I wasn’t in a band for a period of time. But once
    I was, the training went back on. 30-45min at least 4-5 times week. It by
    no means happens over night or even in just a couple of years. Its a
    continuous process that I have to maintain as much as I can.

  2. when I’m getting to the “clunk” or bridging point, my voice goes from
    smooth to raspy right on the transition then back to smooth.. any tips on

  3. It should, but if you’re straining at F4 there are other issues than just
    blending to head voice.

  4. idk if i have reached head voice but i dont use a lot of hair and its a
    full voice but it breaks and u can tell my voice is just barely making that
    sound.. if i try to sing a song to it its somewhat stable but it cracks
    when i sing certain words or try to go higher.. is there a way to fix this?
    or just more practice?

  5. Anyone can learn to do this for sure. Some people can just do this without
    much effort because they’re voice is flexible enough, naturally higher
    and/or they don’t have any or few mental crutches to get over that keep
    them from singing freely.

  6. Hello I have a question! Nice video by the way. I have been doing these
    exercises for a while but I have a question. Will the tenor high C become
    easier for me eventually? I am naturally a baritone but I feel like the
    tenor notes are getting a little easier for me. How long would it take
    until I was fully comfortable with the tenor notes? I’m 18 by the way.
    Thank you :)

  7. Are you a tenor or a baritone? I ask this because I want to know if someone
    can become a natural tenor with practice or is it just the way they are and
    it has nothing to do with range or practice.

  8. Hello! I’m a baritone, but I’ve been using vocal compression (head voice?)
    to reach high Bb’s and sometimes C’s on good days, so I think I’m using the
    right technique. The only issue is that the notes sound strained or
    “constipated” and don’t have enough resonance. However, I think I’m
    singing relatively healthily since I’m not experiencing any vocal fatigue
    or soreness. Do you have any advice on how to fix the tone and resonance of
    my voice?

  9. @RocktheStageNYC When I move into head voice notes my tones seems to thin
    out, become breathy, or have less control. Im making sure to keep my larynx
    relaxed and doing exercises like crazy but seeing little results.

  10. @gigglygloo – if you’ve been taking lessons for a year and STILL can’t tell
    what is chest voice and what is head voice you’ve been seriously ripped off
    by your vocal teacher. Seriously ripped off.

  11. what do you want me to do? I mean really. This is YouTube. Want to learn
    how to sing like Mustaine? Get a vocal coach, buy a vocal course and
    practice for a few years. That’s it. There is no magic formula. It takes
    money, dedication and years of hard work.

  12. advice? not anything that would be constructive because your problem could
    be a couple of issues. I’d have to hear what you’re doing to know for sure
    what advice to give you.

  13. How long have you been training for how many times a week , to get to where
    you are right now ? you’re VERY impressive .

  14. Hey man I watch your vids and I like what I see but I can sing and use my
    dyiframe….I dont care about spelling but I listen to megadeth and
    ironmaiden but I want to sing like dave mustaine when he was in the 80’s
    can you help… My main Idea is to sing the tone and style.

  15. Learning to sing correctly is a process of steps. One doesn’t simply just
    “get it” and its always with you. Learning how to sing from lower resonance
    to head resonance while keeping the vocal folds focused and connected is a
    process of training and discovery. This video is just ONE of many steps you
    can take to discovering the sensations and bodily manipulations to sing
    head resonance with a fully focused sound.

  16. great lesson,just one question,does axl rose uses head voice when singing
    songs like sweet child o mine and the others,just curious

  17. Thanks for the reply. I also know I strain when I sing some songs, depends
    if I am singing Judas Priest, or Dokken and I’m a girl. it’s the very high
    notes, but I know you have videos for this problem I have. I have learned
    it should feel comfortable to sing, if not I’m straining. So I’m not
    singing out of my nose, it’s a myth. I didn’t know that, until now. Then
    like you said.. I am placing the sound too forward into my sinus cavity.
    How Do i stop doing that? Thanks for your advice.

  18. It could just be our lead guitarist lol but he says that I need to learn
    how to adjust my high notes to go along with the guitar, because if i go
    too high then it throws our overall sound off and if i can learn to make my
    high note sound heavier it would be great. This is hard as hell to explain,
    especially for me i’am just starting to sing and make music. The reason i
    trust him is because he started our band over 8 years ago and he’s been
    doing great work too. Maybe it will come to me in time.

  19. So I’m a bit confused. Is the part you sing, (after most have a break), in
    head voice? It sounds just like your chest voice. So to get it right, when
    I sing high notes and it feels like the vocals are pushing up but it sound
    still like the chest voice it is head voice and if it sounds like justin
    timberlake it’s falsetto?

  20. darn it, the one i get to is the second last one, my voice breaks on the
    last note, any way i can reach the final one? and what note does one
    commonly reach their head voice?

  21. Hi there! Should a female do your exercises? And if yes, do they need to
    adjusted it in any way? Thank you in advance!

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