Beginners Singing Lessons & Guidelines / Get rid of vocal breaks / Rock the Stage

Obtaining rid of vocal breaks / Free Vocal Tip / Singing Lesson Vocal Compression is a basic concept to grasp so you can bridge & connect your chest voic…

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  1. hi! with this tip, could this help me to sing like “wait for you – by
    elliot yamin”? i hear him singing this song in his chest voice and
    falsetto, but it sounds wierd if i sing this with headvoice, in what
    particular exercise could i use so i could sing this song? i have headvoice
    but i got vocal breaks when using falsetto.. can you help me?

  2. no matter I do lip roll, nay nay nay, bah bah bah, ma ma ma, I have my
    voice strained at high note, and I can never get that powerful sound
    quality. what should i do?

  3. @Badsinger2718 – yes too much compression squeezes the cords closed and
    cuts off the sound and over time damages your voice. Its finding the
    balance point that’s the key. Low notes need it but not so much.

  4. hey, I’m having a little trouble with something like this. I have a very
    powerful chest voice, and a very powerful head voice as well, and I can get
    as high as I can even imagine in my head voice. thats not my problem. My
    problem, is that theres this one spot in between my chest and really high
    pitch head voice that goes silent or raspy as soon as I hit it. I cant
    figure out how to fix it, do you have any tips? when im singing in a very
    low volume, sometimes I can bridge them fine. but not loud

  5. well technically C#5 is mainly head resonance not much of a mix going on
    there. If your C#5 is strained, there’s a good bet the 3-4 notes below are
    not free and relaxed.

  6. Thanks. Looks like I would have to redefine my perception of mix voice. Do
    you have a video on how mix feels and sounds like vs head because I am
    absolutely convinced C#5 was in mix =p

  7. @RocktheStageNYC Yeah, that sounds about right. Thank you so much for the
    education…I am NO longer pulling or flipping

  8. Hey Kevin! So far, the only bridging technique i was able to get right was
    Rob Lunte’s “Lift Up Pull Back”, which is the one where you lay back on
    support to bridge. Watching this video, i was able to bridge using the
    “mmmm” you do when you build up the “mmmm-pah” sound, but when i try to do
    it with the mouth open, i either flip to head/falsetto or i bridge, but
    with a fry-like sound “mixed” in the voice on the notes around my break. Am
    i doing something wrong or I just need to practice it more?

  9. Doing a bunch of exercises isn’t going to help unless someone (or you) has
    accurately diagnosed what your problems are vocally. Taking shots in the
    dark will only end up frustrating you. It also comes down to how long you
    are trying these exercises on for size. Nothing happens overnight; it may
    take weeks to a few months for things to start to change. You have to let
    that process happen. Learning something new or fixing problems is a process
    – there are no quick fixes.

  10. I cannot mix my registers at ALL. They are TOTALLY SEPARATE, I’ve tried
    EVERYTHING from G’s to B’s to M’s to NG’s and more, and I just CAN’T DO IT.
    I’m highly frustrated. I have one octave of pure chest (C4 – C5), then one
    and a half octaves of head voice (C5 – G6). Nothing I do combines the
    bridge from head to chest. I know what doing it wrong sounds like, but I
    don’t know what doing it right feels like. What do I do?

  11. You know I’ve just been going back through all your singing lesson videos
    and I’ve got to say they really are superb, clear and to the point. And you
    seem to cover all areas of the voice. Essential viewing for all singers!

  12. thankyou for your reply and im sorry that i heard it wrong. so what
    exercises should i make so i can develop this chest to mix resonance tone?

  13. The reason, I think, that people try to use JUST chest voice, is because
    singing in the head voice sounds silly. It’s not until one really gets a
    good mix of chest and head that it starts sounding good.

  14. @LiNNNNNNNNk wow, Kevin has a great voice, and you WERE an asshole to tell
    him that either way cause it is rude and irrelevant..

  15. Thanks for the help. I’ll just have to keep working at it, and see if I
    can’t discover my mixed register.

  16. Hey Kevin, I’ve grown up listening to a lot of really awesome bands with my
    dad. When he was a kid he went to 80’s rock concerts that I myself can only
    dream of participating in. I watched rock videos with my dad (even though
    some may say that videos ruined metal…I don’t care I love videos) and I
    loved listening to Alice Cooper, Dokken, Dio, Krokus, Scorpions, Fastway,
    Lita Ford, and Warlock… all of which had these in common: great music,
    and great voices. I just need help, man.

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