Beginners Singing Lessons & Guidelines / Checking for Vocal Strain / Rock the Stage NYC

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18 thoughts on “Beginners Singing Lessons & Guidelines / Checking for Vocal Strain / Rock the Stage NYC”

  1. Is that a rule that if a man wants to sing high in head voice must build up
    muscle memory? I am doing these exercises for about 1 month how long did u
    do it?

  2. i have been singing for years now. but i noticed that i had difficulty
    hitting the right notes just lately. when i played back gig videos, i
    noticed a very wrong head position when singing, and this is what i think
    is the problem. i think i have developed a very bad vocal habit by
    straining my cords through an incorrect head position when hitting a note.

  3. Hi kevin.. I did try the L position(Gun), but as i tried reaching the high
    note, my throat begins to tension up and pressure on my thumb where it
    jumps and becomes hardens automatically. I’ve been singing for almost a
    year now and i think every time when sing, my throat is so use to pressured
    up. How do i avoid these problems? I don’t think im using the right
    technic. Sigh….

  4. really admire your lessons..wish that i could have a one-on-one lessons
    with you…anyway, i wanted to ask you about steven tyler…when he hit the
    high notes, is he using his head voice? because it sounds really
    screamy…it sounded rough..

  5. hey i’ve tried a lot of your exercises but I don’t think I am crossing over
    into my head voice registry… I get up to about E4 (tops) and then its
    strained and I can’t go on, because I know i’m only using my chest
    registry. it seems the ONLY way i can get above that is if I use falsetto,
    and of course I don’t want that, I WANT to be able to use head voice… but
    I just can’t seem to make the connection. I tried your “what is head voice”
    video and i still couldn’t do it, any other suggestions?

  6. I am doing this and i am not putting extra muscles cuz of course too much
    muscles… and i will strain…so … i am going up … through the tone
    …. my thumb doesnt feels any preasure…next… when i go up my voice
    starts to do chest falsetto … chest falsetto… all the time i can not
    control it and the tone is like Axl Rose something?Why is that so?Btw i am
    doing the exercise with la la la la….

  7. @RocktheStageNYC Thanks. Yeah it’s mostly hoarsness and after resting my
    voice since my last comment it’s basically come back. I’m gonna give it
    another day.

  8. @FolkMusicWins – Yes “no air” across your fingers – thus your vocal cords
    are closed and not wasting breath support. If you feel a heavy breath
    across your fingers your vocal cords are not adducted or closed properly.
    The old classical way is to vocalize in front of a lit candle – if you can
    sing and not blow out the candle you are using proper technique. Not more
    air, but balanced breath pressure against the cords lessens strain.

  9. yes it is normal but can be corrected. Look at my videos “relaxed vowels”
    and “conquering closed vowels” on how to combat this problem.

  10. it’s strange beacuse in the last few months my vocal range increased like I
    felt I could sing notes I couldn’t have sung before in any way possible…

  11. Great tip… U R amazing! my band is doing a cover of the Badlands song
    “High Wire”, it’s a challenging song…any tips on getting the best
    performance possible Ray was an exceptional singer 4 sure

  12. The contradiction in there is where you say, “you should feel no air” The
    more air you push through, the less strained your vocal chords are.

  13. thx for this exericse! i think i’ve figured out the difference between head
    voice and falsetto, but the thing is my head voice sounds really weak and
    quiet! does it get stronger with practice? when I listen to other singers
    singing high notes, it sounds strong, like it is coming from the chest.

  14. I am ready to work for a looong looong time but i must know am i doing the
    right thing!So i shouldnt do the falsetto slide?What exercises should i
    do?And u are damn right about the lack of patience… sorry … rock on!

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