Beginners Singing Lessons For Beginners – The 5 Laws Of Singing – Find out Singing with Ken Tamplin

Ken Tamplin Demonstrates The five Laws Of Singing that assists beginners understand to commence singing fast and simple.

13 thoughts on “Beginners Singing Lessons For Beginners – The 5 Laws Of Singing – Find out Singing with Ken Tamplin”

  1. What if you want to sing like Joe Cocker? I can do it but I have to really
    push at a consistent level and it’s LOUD. I don’t know if it’s supposed to
    be loud because the sound guy and the producers always normalize a
    musician’s voice. I sing clean sometimes but sometimes I want to belt out
    notes, and I think the sound guys all hate me because of it… Maybe
    compression would help?

  2. Ken, in your course you talk about the mask and how the mouth and lips
    should be positioned. The smile and everything. My question is this,
    because I’m suppose to hold me breath before I sing, should the mouth,
    tongue and lips be positioned in the mask position on the inhale? In other
    words, should I inhale with my tongue Down, and mouth in a “smile position”
    so that when I hold the breath and release the bottom jaw does not protrude
    forward? How is it that your jaw does not protrude forward as you bend your
    tongue against your bottom teeth?

  3. Hi Ken! Thank you again for another great video. Do you have any videos
    that specifically target sustaining notes? You know, those big money notes
    at the climax of a song. They’re long and usually high and end with
    gorgeous vibrato. I can’t seem to find anything good on YouTube that
    addresses this technique.
    <3 Kiki 

  4. For high notes my teacher always said to concentrate on the notes preceding
    the high note (if there are any off course). It helped me a lot. It’s often
    a lack of placement, concentration or other technical stuff in the
    preceding notes that most of the time lie in the passagio area, that make
    singing the high note more difficult. Also concentrating on the “easier”
    notes before removes exagerrated focus (tension) off the actual high note
    moment that you think is sooo important.

    Anyway, thanks for putting out these videos.There is so much crap around
    especially n popular music.I sing mostly classical opera and lieder

  5. hello ken. I love watching your videos! I think they are very useful, as I
    I understand a little English, but not much. I would like if you do not
    mind me posting that list of the 5 laws of SINGING. I could not hear very
    I tell you that I use to write this goolge translator. I HOPE that is


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