Beginners Singing Lessons / Fixing An Airy Voice / The Muffled Tongue Trill

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17 thoughts on “Beginners Singing Lessons / Fixing An Airy Voice / The Muffled Tongue Trill”

  1. first off, I like your lessons, they’re great. Second, that star you have
    on your thumbnail looks like it’s your hand giving us the finger. A big
    hand that looks like a star, but that’s how it looks like to me. Just
    thought I’d mention that, it was entertaining.

  2. is there a differance from high and low with differants words that go
    better from high to low tones? ? it maybe a stupid question sorry but i am
    curious !

  3. Hey my vocal range is from G1-D#5 and from B4-D#5 my notes are thin and
    weak and sound like a falsetto and no i am not singing falsetto on the
    notes soow i wonnder ig theres anyway too fix that? If scales or just
    working on the low notes wil help me bulid on these notes? Answer as quick
    as possible i am desprate too fix this problem

  4. Ummm Uhoh! I did the thing with the tongue at the end.. and now all I can
    do is sing a super high falsetto.. I’m afraid to see how my talking voice

  5. I bought Singing Success last year, and it helped me, but when I sing with
    my band I lost my voice in the first songs (Songs like The Hell Song by Sum
    41 or Attack by 30 Seconds To Mars) I wanna sing for an hour or 2 and don’t
    kill my voice, help please :)

  6. Hi Brett, I’ve been singing for ten years, and have a mixed voice. One
    particular problem…I frequently run out of breath, cutting important
    notes short, at times ruining set phrasing (and “runs”) in the song. What
    can help to extend breathing capacity, ie holding longer notes?? Thanks

  7. Is there an easy way to get into mix? Any special exercises? Always end up
    pulling up my larynx when going higher in Chest

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