Beginners Singing Lessons – Episode .four. (Fixing Breaks In The Voice) with Rae Henry

NEW June 2014!! Blending Vocal Registers (53min extended) video. Watch Free of charge Now! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adDeDZ7SJlw Actually, you can now watch the …

24 thoughts on “Beginners Singing Lessons – Episode .four. (Fixing Breaks In The Voice) with Rae Henry”

  1. This actually helped me alot, I did exactly what you demonstrated at first
    when the muscles relax and I now know how to prevent that and use the other
    technique. Thank you so much. 

  2. OMG G is actually worked you helped me a lot I going to sub you I’m going
    to put my self on you but I sound like a little girl 

  3. Hey awesome as a functioning musician lol, this reall helped me with
    relaxing my vocals. I will for sure check all your lessons. THanks

  4. This video has helped me so much! after doing the lip role every day for
    about 20 mins and for about 2 weeks, I can sing without any tension or
    strain 😀 and i sound so much better! Thanks again!

  5. I want to sing like the girl on ORPHANED LAND in the song “Sapari” at min.
    1:00, her voice sounds so clear like yours… How can I get my throat
    clear? is there any drink or food I can try?

  6. ur such a fake whats with the fake accent!!!! seriously between 1:35 and
    1:50 ur british then rusian? my butt

  7. there is hope. I heard of a guy (Can’t think of his name now… but he is
    relatively famous) who was born a TERRIBLE singer, but after years of
    practice, he became fantastic. I have heard recordings of him before and
    after in the difference is amazing. If you really are as bad as you say, it
    will take years of practice and dedication, but it can be done. almost no
    one is born fantastic, but we are all born with potential. The only
    difference between those who can and cant sing is their practice.

  8. Like for her that she look like Adele and Reply “Cim” IF YOU ARE A CMFAM

  9. omg omg thaaaanx! i always have breaks in my voice, especially whn im
    singing lower note. immediately after i watch this, n i tried it out, it
    worked wonders!! and i have been wondering where went wrong xD

  10. This really works! I had very bad breaks in my registers as a young teen.
    My vocal instructor at the time thought it had to be due to screaming at
    concerts or sports events (none of which I had been allowed to go to, ie
    from a very strict family) She had me doing scales with different vowels
    (the siren warmup worked the best, as my vocal muscles relaxed more doing
    those) to “move” the break until I could get over it. It wasn’t until a
    later teacher that I discovered this method!

  11. Wow I’ve been doing the lip roll thing for a long time it was fun I didn’t
    know it was a singing thing

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