Beginners Singing Lessons – Episode .2. (Breath Assistance) with Rae Henry

NEW June 2014!! Breath Lesson (57min extended). Watch Free Now! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrdrSxCwHvo&list=PLms9L7DQxfwNI-W8lpINkjl2zSh3n2ADm&index=4 Truly, you can now watch the comprehensive…

23 thoughts on “Beginners Singing Lessons – Episode .2. (Breath Assistance) with Rae Henry”

  1. If your in band you learn to stagger breathe. Quickly take a sudden breath
    where it’s not noticed

  2. Dear Rae , I enjoy your voice lessons, you are a fantastic voice teacher.
    Only it is such a shame that the moment you open up, the audio clips;
    distortion by running your mic too HOT! I would gladly help identity the
    problem if you would described your setup to me. email me stratmister@
    gmail . . . .

    IT WORKS! THANK YOU SO MUCH! :) <3 +Rae Henry 

  4. I have lost my voice alot im 41 and when I was 13 I could sing mariah carey
    every note, and whitney houston I always sounded good and the notes were
    spot on I had an ear for it and a hard childhood so it was fun and an
    outlet not in front of people though until 10 years ago when I had lessons
    for 3 years to get my voice back then I started getting to competitions,Im
    not really a performer but more vocalist Im to afraid to be silly infront
    of people, I had very bad stage fright to still get it but love singing I
    want my voice back, how do I start again.I am not making a lie I really
    sang this stuff. I never feel confident though until ten years ago when I
    got my voice back so Im useing you to help me get back in I want to sing
    infront of people. 

  5. If your in band you learn to stagger breathe. Quickly take a sudden breath
    where it’s not noticed

  6. hello Rae, i am 11 years old and i want to become the next beyonce but i
    just cant sing high and it frustrates me because i want to post a video on
    here of me singing set fire to the rain adele but i cant get the chorus in
    tune please help, karis brown? ImKarisJadeBrown

  7. Hi there I’ve just saw yourbreathing terchniquye and liked it but there’s a
    part of me that vibrates when i sing high notes and it start to show i
    always ha breathing issues espically tat I have a chest when I sing high
    notes I almost stop breathing

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