Beginners Singing Lessons Enhance your Recording by Singing Consonants

Get Andrew’s VIDEO GUIDE TO AUDACITY – Audacity Tutorials at… http://www.MakeAndBreakEducation.com In these singing lessons you will understand how to boost y…

10 thoughts on “Beginners Singing Lessons Enhance your Recording by Singing Consonants”

  1. is there no way to make it easier to finding the right… recording…
    i hate when even though i use a pop filter my voice is too quiet but my
    consonants clip.

  2. Hey AirForceBrony, YT will not let me post link, but it is audacity
    sourceforge net. If you are new to Audacity I have many great things to
    learn in my Video Guide to Audacity on my site MakeAndBreakEducation (link
    in video description). There is a detailed tutorial in there on how to
    download and install Audacity. Thanks, Andrew

  3. hey can you give me a link to the video on downloading audacity. i cant
    find it in your library thanks?

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