Beginners Singing Lessons – Don’t Quit Singing

The Vocal Teacher is recognized for his excellent singing lessons that help singers boost their singing capability. Dave Brooks from http://thevocalteacher.com/vid…

4 thoughts on “Beginners Singing Lessons – Don’t Quit Singing”

  1. Thanks for this video!! Sometimes I do feel like quitting singing because I
    can’t seem to increase my range. My highest note is only an E or F an
    octave above middle C.

  2. I get discouraged at times because my voice seems to be getting mucus or
    something. How do I clear my throght . I been singing since I was a kid.

  3. Thanks, Dave. I encouraged my son to subscribe to your channel. He was a
    little discouraged when he didn’t get a callback from The Voice (he made
    the first cut) but is such a talented vocalist. I know your words of
    encouragement will lift his spirits! Thanks again…

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