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14 thoughts on “Beginners SINGING LESSONS – BALCONYTV”

  1. Hi, The new video for my song “Oh Sam” is on you tube. Just search Oh Sam
    Abigail Smith. Its directed by Adena Rice. I’m delighted the singing lesson
    I did with Balcony tv is still up and everyone is sharing their knowledge.
    It is great to see. Enjoy the video and music. All the best for 2009,

  2. Well, when you sing when you’re outta breath how do you sing? Often the
    voice sags and goes out of tune when it doesnt have enough breath.

  3. BUT… all in all singing lessons are based on the right consept. Still
    suggest to watch.

  4. Try giving yourself a little (gentle!) poke at the top of your belly whilst
    singing – if you’re using your diaphragm correctly, your finger should
    bounce, not sink – ie. your stomach should be a little hard… not soft and

  5. I’m s good singer its just when i record songs, my voice goes out of tune
    and shouty. Can anyone help me?

  6. Hi Karma21, Try using more support from diaphragm (muscular partition
    between thorax and abdomen) and try to relax your throat. When we sing
    higher notes we often tighten up. Sometimes we need to use visual images to
    help like an egg in the back of your throat. Try half yawning too. If
    singing is hurting stop! Get advice from a singing coach. It is better to
    meet one face to face so they can hear you sing. Good luck.

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