Beginners Singing Lessons / Appropriate Air Flow / Vocal Harm & Repair / Precise Notes

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14 thoughts on “Beginners Singing Lessons / Appropriate Air Flow / Vocal Harm & Repair / Precise Notes”

  1. I knew a kindergarten teacher that had to quit taking singing lessons with
    tears in her eyes. She really couldn’t sing, even when she tried…so
    teachers told her “Ask for free days at work, rest and contact a
    phonoaudiologist”. She damaged her voice using it in a bad way to call
    children back to the classroom and tell them to behave everyday. It’s
    important to learn how to use your voice at work, if you need to speak loud
    for a certain amount of time.

  2. I feel like my voice is breaking while singing high pitch before I used to
    sing high pitch notes now it’s breaking in middle

  3. Thanks Brett for another great video. To get the key for a released whistle
    voice check out this video Whistle Voice Lesson with Brett Manning –
    Awesound TV

  4. The sliding up to pitch is common when people are not sure to get the note
    spot on cause if it comes in to sharp it’s bad. But many also think it’s a
    cool thing but it’s most often done to get around intonation problems.

  5. Not that cord closure isn’t a necessary and important part of a vocal
    routine and/or warmup. That is very important, too.

  6. you guys do realize the purpose of him telling you to buy the program is to
    help you sing right? You get a few guidelines with these videos but you get
    actual lessons with the program.. If you’re serious about this then stop
    complaining simply put

  7. You don’t really want the vocal cords to be doing all of the work when it
    comes to regulating airflow. Why pile on all of that stress on them when
    you can have the intercostal muscles and other muscles around the diaphragm
    do that? That’s where breathing exercises come in. To Singing Success’
    credit, there are several videos with Craig Duchar where he explains and
    demonstrates some basic breathing exercises.

  8. Thank you Brett for all your help, I have lot more to ask, but now I have
    one. Why do I have a full voice on one day, and I use it roughly for that
    day, then the next day onwards problems arise. I can’t do the things that I
    vocally do on the other day, I just can’t even sing a low note. How to
    counter this problem. Please help.

  9. I have an issue with scooping up to notes, particularly high ones, could
    anyone tell me how to alleviate that or exercises I can do to address that

  10. And uh 1 more, I usually spit a great amount of sputum on the days I have a
    full voice and the other days, how to reduce the sputum in my throat, this
    is one of my greatest problems.

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