Beginners Singing Lesson: how to sing high notes!

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19 thoughts on “Beginners Singing Lesson: how to sing high notes!”

  1. Do you use your ‘head voice” during singing when recording or anything? I
    always just thought my vocal range stopped where my chest voice reached its
    limit. just confused

  2. My last name is Gault so it sounded really weird hearing my last name cause
    they’re pronounced exactly the same.

  3. Ok so this helped me hit high notes easier with a lot less strain but I
    don’t have as much power in the high notes and my tone isn’t as great can
    someone tell me what I’m doing wrong 

  4. -_- I can see you laughing during the 1st lesson.
    Bet you were imagining how we all sounded

    Dear God I sounded horrible during that lesson haha

  5. it’s not good! you should try to sing these high notes step by step, you
    could destroy your whole voice if you are trying too hard.

  6. i have been practicing with your videos for more than 6 months now and i
    tell you sir. its has been such a huugee part of my singing experience .. i
    hear my family friends used to tell me to just give up singing. but lately
    they have been telling me that my voice got waay more better and i sound
    really good now and i feel so happy thanks to you. 😀

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