Beginners Singing Higher Notes: Belting With Intensity

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19 thoughts on “Beginners Singing Higher Notes: Belting With Intensity”

  1. Hey, thanks for uploading this video. You probably get a lot of people
    asking for advice..but I’m a singer/songwriter from a small town, I have
    original songs uploaded. I recently started singing and playing guitar at
    the same time..which means I’m sitting down..do you have any advice on how
    to make vocals sound good while in a sitting position? I would be so
    grateful if you could help me out! Thanks

  2. I like this exercisse a lot. But I can only do a couple per minute, cause
    it really works the chords. I seem to be doing it right, I don’t feel
    strain. But I do if I try to do too many too soon.

  3. I hope this works because I am singing infront of people on May 17 at the
    mall in murrieta please talk back Eric:)T_T

  4. Oooh your such a good singer, I really REALLY appreciate all these lessons,
    thank you for all the time you have put into them

  5. Oh My God !! I just have to say thank you!! Sometimes after a long warmup I
    was able to sing “nicer”, “higher” and clearer, but never knew how I did or
    what I need to train to produce this sound… now I know! I’m so lucky that
    I found your tutorial :)

  6. Great tip! One question. Should it sound a little nasal? I wanna make sure
    I’m doing it right. Or better yet, the “NG” part sounds nasal but the “AH”
    part doesn’t. Am I doing this correctly? Thanks in advance.

  7. @tabbycat5525 bro, this is for learning to sing, not for people who know
    how to come bash beginners/intermediates.

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