Beginners Singing Guidelines – 3 Straightforward Singing Suggestions For Beginners

Singing Suggestions For Beginners – http://www.superiorsingingmethod.com/ae-totally free-singing-lesson-videos Check out my singing guidelines for beginners video and find out th…

18 thoughts on “Beginners Singing Guidelines – 3 Straightforward Singing Suggestions For Beginners”

  1. the tongue is this this this weird thing THAT ALLOWS YOU TO FUCKING SPEAK
    and clearly pronounce words like THIS THIS THIS. You fairy.

  2. I can’t name another part on my body that’s free hahahaha and connected at
    the end hahahahaaba jk man great tips !

  3. My high notes sound like a falsetto from B4-D#5 is there anyway i can make
    the notes bigger and sound more like a full note, if there is anyway to fix
    i need i`ll do it anybody help me

  4. Yeah no shit eh? People expect fuckin handouts these days and don’t realize
    you gotta eat too. I’d raise the prices if I were you.

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